Closing Your Cash Flow Gap | The Power of the Cash Conversion Cycle

Illustration of produce professional  managing her cash conversion cycle with text that reads A guide for produce business owner’s that want to achieve true cash flow health–and the growth that comes with it.

A produce owner's guide to fast, healthy growth.

In the produce industry where risk is constant, products are perishable, and cash is king it's essential for businesses to manage their cash flow effectively. While it's not uncommon for businesses that desire growth to face fundamental challenges maintaining control over their cash flow, the cash conversion cycle framework helps businesses focus on what matters most, resulting in fast, healthy growth.

This eBook will guide you through:

  • How to calculate and baseline your CCC
  • What processes to focus on to improve your cash flow
  • How to leverage technology and capital to enhance cash flow health
  • How businesses are using Silo to master their CCC and build a foundation for achievable growth.

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The cash conversion cycle flow of sourcing, sales, and collections.