Understanding How Growers Impact The Increasingly Popular Mango Season

Understanding How Growers Impact The Increasingly Popular Mango Season

Recently, mangoes have seen increased sales and consumption, and growers play an important role in sustaining this industry growth. As the season for mangoes rolls around, it’s important as a business to inform yourself In order to effectively capitalize on these trends as they occur.

In this article, we’ll go over what you need to know about the mango season. We’ll also discuss how Silo can help you stay competitive and capitalize on seasonality.

When is mango season in the USA?

In the United States, the season for mangoes normally runs from April to September, with the months of June and July experiencing the highest levels of production and availability. During this period, businesses and consumers see an abundance of different mango varieties available on the market, each with its own set of unique qualities.

Access to a large amount of domestic supply means business is booming during these months across the supply chain for those who trade mangoes, for growers, shippers, and distributors.

The popularity of mangoes

Now that we’ve gone over what the mango season is, you might be wondering the extent of this commodity’s popularity.

Statistics from the USDA demonstrate an astonishing 29% growth in per-capita retail availability for fresh mangoes from 2011 to 2019, indicating continuously skyrocketing demand.

Recent data from 2023 reveals that an ever-growing 26% of consumers are buying and consuming mangoes, an increase from the previous year’s 23%.

What makes the mango season so successful?

One key reason for the success of the season lies in more consumers becoming aware of the many health benefits and distinct flavors that various types of mangoes have to offer. As consumers expand their knowledge of mangoes, interest grows around the distinctive qualities of each variety. Consumer interest may include paying attention to factors like:

  • Taste

  • The amount of fiber contained within the fruit

  • The most ideal time to buy them

Of course, the success of the mango season is also largely dependent on the diligence of the growers. Their commitment, as well as their experience in nurturing mango trees and maintaining mango farms, are crucial to keeping up with the rising consumer demand

How growers impact the season for mangoes

With how much of an impact growers have on the season, it’s essential that they maintain high standards for harvesting, handling, and post-harvest management to ensure that the fruit that makes it to market retains its high quality and freshness. In general, growers must ensure that there’s consistent supply to match demand throughout the season.

Growers also play a key role in increasing awareness around mango seasonality to sustain interest, educating buyers about the variety of mangoes available and the distinctive qualities of each. As customers learn more information, they’re much more willing to explore new varieties, which translates into increased sales and greater industry growth.

Popular mango varieties traded

So, if you’re asking, “Is it mango season yet?”, you might also be interested in the types of varieties traded.

Among the most popular mangoes imported into the United States are these notable varieties:

  • Tommy Atkins

  • Kent

  • Ataulfo (also known as Honey Mango)

  • Keitt

Each variety has one or more distinguishing qualities that appeal to buyers. For example, the Kent variety is highly favored for its excellent taste. 

It’s been shown that a certain demographic of customers is willing to pay a higher price for better quality and access to certain varieties.

Make the most of the mango season with Silo

Growing awareness around the numerous nutritional benefits and interesting flavors offered by various mango varieties has caused the fruit's popularity to skyrocket. Growers are at the forefront of satisfying customer expectations.

But to succeed in today's competitive market, grower-shippers and distributors require all the right factors to align. This means proper access to capital for expansion, as well as accurate information about historical and market trends. In this regard, Silo emerges as the best solution.

Silo Capital gives small and medium-sized businesses a chance to get ahead, providing access to working capital that can be used for investment in growth, or to simply cover for unexpected costs. 

Unlike traditional funding, access is simple, with less paperwork required and shorter wait times. It’s also discreet to allow you to preserve the integrity of your business’ reputation and protect any existing partnerships.

And, with the assistance of the Silo platform, businesses can not only optimize core operations, but will have access to key data that assists in informed decision-making. You can view accurate and crucial data for valuable insights.

If you’re a grower, talk to your trade partners about how they can benefit from Silo.

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