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Fast, flexible financing
that grows with your business.

Silo’s modern and dynamic financing experience is redefining what complex supply chains can expect from a financing partner. Come see for yourself.

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Accelerate your cash flow

Track, manage, and execute your strategy with working capital solutions built to help you thrive.

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We apply two flexible solutions to meet the unique needs of your business.

With Silo’s financial backing we could - overnight - negotiate better purchasing prices with our suppliers and expand profit margins.

Manny Concepcion

CEO at NYC Tropical House Inc

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I have never seen an underwriting turn around of millions of dollars delivered as fast as Silo does. This experience is what sets Silo apart from any other lender today.

Mason Brady

Founder at Brady CFO

With Silo Capital, I am able to focus on growing my business relationships and pursuing larger and more-established customers with confidence.

Gilberto Mendez

Controller at AvoWorks

Coming from the banking world, Silo's approach to underwriting is built for this industry. They helped us secure financing quickly, securely, and we continue to partner with them.

Donald Carter

CFO at GreenFruit Avocados

Silo Instant Pay had an immediate impact. It’s the muscle businesses like ours need to keep growing. We use speedy payments and competitive pricing to build trust, break into new commodities, and expand our brands presence

Hector Jimenez

Founder and CEO at IMOK Global

We feel much more secure now, with Silo. The fact that we can control everything, and that our information is accurate, that allows us to think about future growth.

Patricio Espinosa

President at New Asian Tropical Produce

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Through activating Silo’s Instant Pay we’re able to keep our cash flow steadily incoming, so we don't feel the dips.

Xavier Ponce

Operations Manager at Carcione's Fresh Produce Co

When there is an opportunity in the market, Silo gives us what we need - insights, tools, and capital - to go after those opportunities confidently.

Johnny Najar

Founder and CEO at Frutto Foods

Silo Cash Advance allowed us to expand our customer base in Chicago and break into New England and the Midwest markets in just four months.

Ernesto Hernandez

Founder and CEO at El Campo Imports

Eliminate cash flow gaps

No matter the terms, get paid instantly. Unfreeze your accounts receivables to access working capital and swiftly invest back into your business operations.

Seize opportunities

Never miss out on an opportunity to grow your business. Accessing cash, on demand, ensures that you can take action when time is sensitive.

Stronger partnerships

Healthy cash flows produce healthy relationships. Pay your suppliers quickly to secure your competitive position as a buyer and always fill your customers’ needs.

Streamline to scale

Grow without the overhead. Automate your back-office workflows with Silo Collects. As an extension of your team, we’ll automate your collections, reconcile your payments, and track what’s outstanding.

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Supply chain financing software that works for you. Flexible terms. Discreet customer touch. And so much more. Silo gives you the edge you need to accelerate your strategy.

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Attract new customers.

Flexible terms mean people can pay when they want.

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Bigger discounts and better inventory.

Paying suppliers upfront has huge benefits.

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Reduce accounting overhead.

Automatically outsource A/R collections to Silo.

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Vendor satisfaction

Pay vendors faster with a more streamlined experience.

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Grow with confidence.

Scale confidently, while de-risking your growth journey.

Is Silo’s Instant Pay a factoring solution?

Silo customers see Instant Pay as an alternative approach to factoring for 3 reasons. 1) Silo provides an experience that keeps Silo customers in control of their customer communications 2) Silo customers have 100% transparency on flow of funds, and 3) all service fee repayments are scheduled, making it easy for Silo customers to predict their cash flow.