Lot Tracking & Traceability

Produce tracking software that eliminates the guess work.

Increase visibility and accurately source the details of your produce.

Know your inventory.

Expand your field of vision with comprehensive lot tracking and produce traceability tools within seconds.

Screenshot of lot orders and inventory in Silo's software
Produce tracking insights available in Silo's software

Eliminate the guesswork.

Silo’s produce tracking solution gives you insight into a lot’s history and current status. Get immediate insight into availability, profitability, quality, waste, comings and goings.

Produce traceability, with deeper transparency.

Need to notify customers and vendors about a recall? Ditch the detective work. All the data you need is just a few clicks away.

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Image of warehouse with lot metrics overlay.

Valuable performance metrics.

See exactly how your lots are performing. Drill in to the specifics of parent, repackaged, and transferred lots to see lot level performance details–including profitability calculations.

Certainty without the headache.

Improve administration and communication with Silo’s produce traceability software.

Icon of growing bar chart with stars above it

Lot level insight.

Easy-to-read information a click away.

Icon of computer monitor

Work efficiently.

Stop the digging. Immediate produce traceability and insight.

Icon of stacks of money

Increase organization.

Establish and maintain order with automated and organized lot details.

Icon of three people

Improve communication.

Pull from accurate records to reduce confusion across teams.

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Informed, fast action.

Quicker decisions, with positive business outcomes.

It allows visibility that we didn’t have before. And less mistakes means less time.

Tom Wheeler

Manager at S&L Produce

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