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Capro, Inc. partners with Silo.

Leverages insights and digital payments to boost productivity and customer satisfaction.

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The kind of style that we have of selling, wholesaling, and importing, was started by my father. He doesn’t just see a number, he knows their families, and what they do on their trips. All of our clients are our actual friends.

Franky Verdecia

Sales & Operations at Capro, Inc.

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Capro, Inc.

Capro has been importing and distributing tropical produce since 2015, working directly with small Latin American farms that have been growing premium fruits and vegetables for OVER 40 years. A family-owned business, multi-generational partners Rodrigo, Yuri and Vladimir specialize in bananas, plantains, yuca, and other Central American specialties that are sold in 20+states.


Miami, FL

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Their Goals

Level up their business, and turn the Congo brand into a household name.

In an industry dominated by big players like Chiquita, Dole, and Del Monte, Capro has remained competitive by building popularity around a niche market of green cooking bananas that can stay fresh for up to two months. That’s a competitive edge!

Special ingredient to share

Capro’s premium bananas come from Grupo San Alberto, a pioneer for improving the social and environmental aspects of banana production. They were one of the first farms to receive Rainforest Alliance certification. Workers at Grupo San Alberto live in rent-free housing, provide schooling for their children, and through the sale of their bananas, gives workers and families the incentives needed to continue their formal education. See Video

Capro partners with Silo to deliver a better experience for their customers–and employees.

The Challenge

The Capro team has a reputation for being a small but mighty service-based production team that builds growing and lasting relationships with their customers and vendors. However, as their business scaled, their ability to deliver on that reputation was under attack. Leveraging a combination of QuickBooks and Google Sheets provided limited visibility into their inventory, made payments and collections burdensome, and created strain when onboarding new team members to help pick up the pace. Capro needed to find a solution that would connect the dots, reduce operational friction, and deliver the inventory and cash flow insights necessary to grow with confidence–quickly.

The Solution

By connecting Silo’s inventory and payment solutions to their QuickBooks account, the Capro team gained immediate control over their inventory and cash flow. They are purchasing more confidently, tracking expenses and applying them to more profitable sales. Silo’s payment and collections tools have empowered them to bring on new customers with limited risk and pre-pay their vendors with ease, further enabling them to execute on inventory demands. Reducing operational friction has freeing up time to build stronger relationships, onboard new team members quickly and strategize new business opportunities for further growth.

Silo makes things very simple. As soon as we connected to Silo, we grew.

The Results

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Time Savings

Through the automation of tasks, access to consumable and actionable insights, and digital payments Capro is saving time across their operations freeing up time for strategy.

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Reduced Losses, Bigger Profits

By being able to clearly see the big picture, Capro has been able to reduce produce losses, leading to increased sales and higher profits.

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Increased Growth

Automating tasks gives the Capro team more time to think of new sales strategies, strengthen their business relationships, and focus on providing high-touch customer service.

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Happier Employees

By eliminating tedious tasks, Silo is empowering Capro employees focus on the most important parts of their job, and do what they do best.

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Faster Payments

Instead of waiting weeks for checks to clear, the Capro team is leveraging digital payments to get access to their cash flow instantly.

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