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Silo provides simple, cost effective, and discreet access to working capital–seamlessly built into your business operations.

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Supercharge your business.

Accelerate and de-risk your growth journey with two unique capital offerings custom-built to support the perishable food supply chain.

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Get paid instantly. Sell more product. Repeat.

Bridge cash flow gaps and scale at the pace you want. Instant Pay unlocks your accounts receivables, making stability, strategy, and growth possible–without impacting customer relationships.

A cash advance that grows with your business.

Quickly and confidently execute on market opportunities, secure demand, and grow your bottom line. Silo's Cash Advance that’s tailored to your needs, and grows with your business.

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We know the perishable supply chain better than your bank.

Consultative seafood financing programs with flexible terms and a discreet customer touch. Silo gives your business the edge it needs to thrive.

Silo’s unique underwriting process makes it possible for them to turn around capital faster than I have seen in my entire career as a CFO.

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Attract new customers.

Put your best foot forward. Flexible terms make for good partnerships and better expansion opportunities.

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Bigger discounts and better inventory.

Paying upfront can have huge benefits. Secure high quality demand. Break into new commodities.

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Reduce back office overhead.

As your business grows, your accounting team doesn’t have to. Silo acts as an extension of your team, so that you can focus on growth.

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Supplier and vendor satisfaction.

Pay suppliers faster for a an enhanced partner experience.

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Grow with confidence.

Get access to working capital–when you need it. Silo exists to help you thrive.

How does Silo's Instant Pay work?

  1. Securely share your data with Silo.
  2. Update your pay-to address and your banking information to reroute funds to your extended team at Silo. All branding stays in your name.
  3. Sell product to your customers.
  4. Get paid up to 90% of the invoice amount in 2-3 days.
  5. Silo processes your customer payment free of charge.
  6. Silo sends you 100% of the customer payment through to your bank account.
  7. Silo processes scheduled and automatic repayment of your Instant Pay advancement.

Does Silo need to communicate with my customer?

Does Silo need to communicate with my customer?

When a customer pays me, will my business name be on the check or will Silo’s name be on the check?

Your business name will be on the check and/or ACH payment and your customers will continue to pay you (just to a different address and bank account). Silo operates a custodial bank account where we are authorized to deposit and transfer funds on your behalf.

Is Silo's Instant Pay a seafood factoring solution?

Although similar to produce factoring, Silo customers see Instant Pay as an alternative approach to seafood factoring for 3 reasons. 1) Silo provides an experience that keeps Silo customers in control of their customer communications 2) Silo customers have 100% transparency on flow of funds, and 3) all service fee repayments are scheduled, making it easy for Silo customers to predict their cash flow.

How does Silo's Cash Advance work?

  1. Securely share your data and opportunity with Silo.
  2. Silo qualifies you for advancement availability based on expected future sales.
  3. Access funds when you need them.
  4. Repayments occur automatically based on your selected payment schedule.
  5. Your advancement availability increases automatically with your sales growth.

How do I repay the cash advance?

Each draw on the cash advance will include an agreed upon amount, repayment period, and % of monthly sales collected for repayment. You will receive an overview of the full repayment schedule for review after each draw on the cash advance. You may draw any amount up to the total available credit limit. The standard repayment period is 3-6 months with no mandatory repayments on the first month. Repayments will be collected automatically as a set percentage of your sales.

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