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Welcome to Silo’s Freight Network. Discover our centralized, reliable, and cost effective way to book, manage, and collaborate on FTL and LTL shipping logistics.

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A centralized hub for efficient freight load management.

Cut the clutter of paper piles and eliminate platform hopping.
Silo is your one-stop destination for instant access to every
detail–past and present–of every load you manage.

Exclusive access to LTL shuttles that prioritize your load.

Reserve access to cold chain LTL sailing schedules for timed and temperature-controlled shipping precision.

Book access to Silo Shuttles, Silo's network-exclusive LTL shuttles, purpose-built to prioritize your LTL shipments across key produce distribution lanes.

Quotes optimized for your loads, serviced by trusted carriers.

Source, search, and book FTL and LTL quotes across Silo’s Network.

Whether it’s an instant quote, a pre-booking, or an on-the-fly LTL option, you’ll know that your shipment is being serviced by the best carriers.

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Rethink how you book LTL with our Shared Trucks Network.

Got extra space? Seeking the perfect LTL consolidation solution? Join Silo’s network for a seamless and cost-effective way to secure LTL.

Match with compatible shipments heading in your direction.

Stay informed and supported every step of the way.

From booking to delivery, Silo's Freight Team carefully monitors your loads closely, providing live in-app updates and responsive chat feedback on the status of your loads.

Quickly view, manage, and share load statuses with others at your convenience.

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Freight coordination

Monitor your margins with fully integrated freight costs.

Connect the dots between inventory and freight to effectively monitor margins and manage costs.

Silo seamlessly integrates freight expenses into purchasing and sales tools for a centralized experience that maximizes profitability.

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When I use Silo Freight to book, I don’t have to worry about hidden costs - what you see is what you get.

Ervin Reyes

Operations Manager at Aleva Trucking & Produce

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LTL Sailing Schedules

Reserve access to exclusive chill chain compatible LTL sailing schedules.

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We weigh factors like location, distance, lead time and load size to source the best rates for you.

Responsive Live Support

Transparent and live load status updates, for every leg of your journey.

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and LTL Quotes

Generate instant produce freight rate quotes directly from your order screen while creating purchase and sales orders.

Perishable and Cold Chain Expertise

We know produce, and so does our growing network of quality LTL and FTL carriers.

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Secure your rate with Silo's network of seasoned carriers, offering dedicated FTL and LTL solutions nationwide.

Here, you experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your shipments are handled with the utmost care and professionalism, every step of the way.

Why book freight logistics with Silo?

Silo works with multiple trusted transportation providers making it possible for us to deliver optimized, real-time produce hauling rates–FTL, LTL, refrigerated, dry, or flatbed. Once a booking is requested, Silo will work to ensure that your load gets to its destination on time and at the price quoted by Silo—all with minimal effort by you.

How do I book freight through Silo?

There are three ways to generate a quote and subsequently book your load:

  1. Book the automatically generated quote that appears during sales order creation (see 'How do I book freight for a Sales Order in Silo?' for more information).

  2. Book the automatically generated quote that appears during purchase order creation (see 'How do I book freight for a Purchase Order in Silo?' for more information).

  3. Get a quote and book from any screen in Silo by opening the Freight dropdown menu in the navigation bar and selecting Book freight.

See video and step-by-step walk through in the tutorial below.

How do I book freight for a Sales Order in Silo?

When you create a sales order in Silo for agriculture transportation, a freight quote is automatically generated. You can click on the freight quote to expand it, see details or adjust origin / destination / date with no obligation. However, if you like the quote you can book it instantly from the sales order Screen.

Once received, Silo works with our network of trusted transportation providers to ensure your load arrives on time and at the specified cost, with minimal effort on your part. The initial quote assumes a climate-controlled full truckload (FTL) for agriculture transportation but can be adjusted to meet your specific needs.

Learn more about booking freight and transporting fresh produce through Silo’s for Sales Orders below.

How do I book freight for a Purchase Order in Silo?

After making a purchase order within Silo, our platform will generate a freight quote for you to review. The quote automatically selects a climate-controlled full truckload (FTL) for you, but you’ll be able to change this and other details (such as destination, date, and origin) if needed.

After you’ve confirmed the details and booked your freight on the purchase order screen, Silo will take it from there, working with the best transportation providers to get your cargo to where it needs to be in a timely and cost-effective manner.

For more information, check out this page on booking freight for Purchase Orders.

How do I track a freight load with Silo?

Silo makes hauling produce and tracking your produce freight hassle-free. The Load Details screen provides a time-stamped history of load activity, pickup and delivery addresses, rate, and commodity type. This screen also links to any orders associated with the load, and has chat integration if you need to contact a Silo freight team member.

Read on to learn more about how you can track the transportation of your fruits and vegetables with Silo.

How do I review all my produce freight loads?

The Freight > Loads screen displays the transportation of all your fruits and vegetables, whether standalone or part of a sales or purchase order.
All pending and confirmed loads will be displayed in a table, where you can:

  • Review details about the load (such as vehicle type, delivery and pickup information, and total rate).
  • See the current status of the load.
  • View any notes connected to the load (such as additional details about its current status).
  • Click the load # to see a more detailed view of the load’s progress.
  • Access details of the PO or SO that this load is connected to.
  • Click "chat with us" to be connected to a member of the Silo Freight team.

Learn more about how to sort and filter your agriculture transportation loads below.

What is Silo's freight accessorial policy?

We understand that transparent pricing is crucial for our users when identifying produce hauling rates. In general, Silo will honor the price shown at the time of your instant freight quote. However, there may be occasions where accessorial charges are significant enough that we will add them to the final invoice amount. Feel free to reach out to if you have questions about additional non-standard accessorial charges related to produce transportation (e.g., reconsignment, unplanned route deviation, lumper charge) and check out our list of commonly assessed accessorial rates here.

What is Silo Freight Financing?

Silo's Freight Financing provides immediate cash flow to trucking companies hauling produce and other goods, allowing them to cover operational expenses (such as fuel costs, driver wages, equipment maintenance, and other business needs) without having to wait for the clients' payment.