Meet your new Advantage. Silo's Adaptive and Connected
Perishable Inventory Management System.

Inventory, cash flow management, and logistics–all in one place. This is your proactive approach to business efficiency with real-time clarity.

Instant control that propels growth.

Solutions that inspire success stories. Watch our video.

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Accelerate your strategy with Silo Capital.

Get paid fast.

  • Accelerate payment without impacting your customer’s terms.

Exceptional rates.

  • Cost-effective cash flow when you need it.

Seamless and discreet experience.

  • Seize opportunities without negatively impacting customer relationships.
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Silo Capital

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Screenshot of Silo's sell software



Sell smart. And sell faster. Way faster.

Instant inventory search.

  • Keyboard shortcuts and dynamic search allows you to work smarter and faster.

Ensured profitability.

  • Set your margins, own the market.

Automatic invoicing.

  • Invoices are generated, linked, sent, paid, and marked as done—seamlessly.
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Purchase with unparalleled

Simplified receiving.

  • Sign-off on shipments or document issues immediately.

Easy inventory management.

  • See your current inventory and lot details, in real-time.

Automatic breakevens.

  • Ensure profitability with automated expense linking.
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Screenshot of Silo's inventory and purchasing software
Screenshot of Silo's inventory software



Inventory that
manages itself.

Know your inventory.

  • All your orders, both inbound and outbound, are reconciled.

Manage and report.

  • Internally and externally, you have visibility into every lot and case.

Unheard of traceability.

  • Track every lot, pallet, case, food safety, and PTI compliance.
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Freight —
without fright.

Better rates and faster quotes.

  • That’s the power of Silo’s Freight Network.

Connected logistics.

  • Orders, accounting, and communications — all in one place.

Accurate calculations.

  • Loads and weights are optimized for truck packing.
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Coordinates showing a freight truck's position
Screenshot of Silo's communication software



Get everyone on
the same page.

Automate communications.

  • Eliminate the back and forth with Silo’s vendor portal.

Comprehensive history.

  • From lots to POs to customers, see everything in one place.

Centralized communications.

  • Connect the dots across departments to streamline operations.
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Pay. Get paid.

Get paid faster.

  • Tools and controls to move money fast and get paid earlier.

Automate your back office.

  • Streamline bookkeeping with automated reconciliation. Outsource collections with Silo.

Real-time visibility.

  • One system to measure your free cash flow and accounting means more accurate reporting.
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Screenshot of Silo's accounting software




Reduce accounting overhead.

  • Automatically outsource A/R collections to Silo.

Easy integrations.

  • Already using QuickBooks? No problem. We integrate.

No more miscommunications.

  • A connected experience across inventory, sales, and accounting empowers your team to work smarter.
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